Thunderbird Backup 2012

Thunderbird Backup 2012 3.7

Backup all your Mozilla Thunderbird profiles and restore them quickly when needed.

Backup your Mozilla Thunderbird profile with zebNet Thunderbird Backup 2012

zebNet Thunderbird Backup 2012 is a professional application specially designed to easily perform backups of your Mozilla Thunderbird profiles, so that you can restore your profiles quickly when you need them.

Highlighted features

• Fast and reliable backup and recovery

• Self-restoring backup files

• Backup reserve copies

• Backup to any FTP server

• Scheduled backups on a regular basis

• Data migration between different computers

• Support for portable editions of Mozilla Thunderbird

• Create a portable edition of Mozilla Thunderbird

zebNet Thunderbird Backup 2012 has a lot of powerful and useful features and is easy to use as it is completely self-explanatory. This program is also well suited for more novice users.

zebNet Thunderbird Backup 2012 is the backup solution for users that easily want to back up and recover their entire Mozilla Thunderbird profile.?

Thunderbird Backup 2012


Thunderbird Backup 2012 3.7